Things that happened today

My testimony was well-received in church. I said what I wanted to say, clearly and calmly. Thanks to everyone who gave me their support and prayers! Amen.
After a test drive, it’s decided that my 4-year old Nissan Sunny will be replaced with a new model. Delivery should be around my birthday (that’s a coincidence).
My sister’s old iPod (a 3rd generation 15GB model I bought at a promotion for S$200) finally died. It would have cost the same price to replace its hard drive! So we got her a new one.
Now I’m off to band practice. We’ve settled on two new songs for the concert – So What (Miles Davis) and Take Five (funkier, upbeat version).


  1. james

    What is your testimony> Do you have a copy that you can share online?
    BTW, about web standards… The problem with standard is… there are so many. IMHO, do whaever that works for the intended reader, not you, not your boss. The whole idea is to keep the audience lokk at your web page a few more seconds then the other guys (or gals).

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