Superpsychic Girl

I dreamt I was like Supergirl today, flying around with extra-sensory psychic powers that could detect the presence of evil spirits.
My mission began with my family receiving a request for me to investigate some old Godowns in what felt like the River Valley area. Apparently in my dream I already had a reputation with the local police…

Evening was breaking, and once I arrived I immediately sensed evil all around. I walked around a few blocks of abandoned warehouses, trying to determine where the ‘boundaries’ of evil vibes were. I reached the river. It was getting dark. Then I took off, up, up, down into history, ending up by the side of an old Chinese junk where coolies were unloading their cargo. They all looked like clones! Big, brawny and tanned, barechested with pigtails, moving in an automated way that somehow reminded me of the peons in Warcraft. I sensed they were doing something illegal or evil, but couldn’t tell exactly what.
Dawn was beginning to break…
They didn’t notice me for a while. I edged along the side of a ship, breaking into a window but finding nothing inside. However I nearly got stuck trying to get out, and that was when they spotted me and shouted. I flew up and away, past the boats, and reached a row of apartments facing the river (back in the 21st century?).
For some reason I feared losing my flying power and didn’t want to risk it, so I hung on to the window panes and even jumped through one window – coming face to face with a colleague who was nursing one of her babies! She looked surprised to see me, but let me run through her apartment only to jump out of the window again, continuing my journey to the other end of the building.
It was afternoon, and I had reached the city area. I somehow landed inside a high fenced, grassy area. I broke through the gate and ended up on a street. It felt like Hong Kong … in the 1970’s? It was full of Chinese people shopping.
I walked through the street, going in and out of a jewellery shop. I think I did that twice. Shopkeepers were smiling at me, hoping to get business but I wasn’t in the mood for buying anything.
I can’t remember how the dream ended, but the mystery wasn’t solved yet. Looking back at what I typed, I suppose it was a mix of my recent encounters with the Holy Spirit, my new sense of duties and the fact that I do feel the abandoned godowns off River Valley Road are haunted. I felt really ill walking past the new condo that’s being constructed.
Maybe something did happen in the past. Who knows?