MT Blacklist

I’ve finally re-installed MT Blacklist properly. And closed comments and trackbacks for recent posts.
I hope that lets in legitimate posts and pings while keeping most of the bad guys away. Here goes…
[Update: What the heck. Thanks to this tip, I’ve also modified my referrals log to get rid of the referrer spam!]


  1. vantan

    Thanks for the tip. I use Typekey for my Korg Blog but not for the others because it discourages legitimate readers from posting comments.

  2. Jason Barker

    Re your previous post, I think you misunderstood how spammers work.
    “How does it feel, having worked for nearly a day on this, only to find that nothing’s going to happen?”
    It is automated. They have bots that harvest spamable sites, and bots that spam the comments, trackbacks etc. There’s no human time wasted.
    And your blog is only 1 of millions, they won’t care about you. If you look at it clearly, it’s you who waste time, they don’t.
    “If you think I or my readers are fool enough to click blindly on any of your senseless, random posts, you are grossly mistaken.”
    They’re not attacking you, your blog, or your readers specifically. If you change your blog to a lesser known blog software, I doubt you will get as much spam as if you are using MT.
    And sadly, there are people who actually click on spam links.

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