is an Asia Weblog Awards nominee

This is really a surprise. has been kindly nominated in the Asia Weblog Awards for best designed blog. Currently we are at the bottom of the list with one (1) vote. Now, I don’t need to win, but … please don’t leave me at the bottom of the heap either, will ya?
I’m just wondering what I have to show for ‘design’. My photo gallery has been taken offline for privacy and technical reasons (when is MT Pro coming out???), so there’s really nothing much in here visually – except a lot of text. And W3-compliant code. Like that matters to 99.9% of visitors. Other nominees have put lots of effort into their design; so all the best to them!
Publicity has its pros and cons. Last December, after getting featured in the papers, I received a few job offers and many queries. Then people started asking me to link to them even though they had weird sites. They still are.
Of course I have also met many nice people along the way (MT Meetup again, anyone?). I don’t wish to create expectations I cannot meet; I simply hope that this blog is a good reflection of my own personality. I hope you’ve enjoyed the reads so far.


  1. kristen

    i’ve always thought your design was very clean, and i’m thoroughly impressed that it validates and all the links have alt tags etc etc. i aspire to such greatness.

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