Where the Streats have no name

Another SPH newspaper closes down.
I can vaguely recall the pain felt when the newspaper I worked at, Project Eyeball, closed down 3 years before that. Vague, because time has eroded many of the memories I once had of the people and the place.
As a fresh graduate I was idealistic. And shaken. ‘Why retrench the people who were simply doing their jobs well’, I wondered, ‘when the management who decided on the business plan would keep theirs?’
The emotions I felt have been whittled away, but some things in life still stay in my head because they seemed illogical. I suppose retrenchments hardly ever make sense to those who are affected.
Ironically, there may even be a few ex-colleagues who were transferred from Eyeball to Streats. I wonder how they must be feeling. Deja vu?


  1. geri

    hi.. I was wondering whether this webpage is still active?
    I’m currently doing a project in NTU which requires us to research why Streats and Project Eyeball both shut down after a short span of only a few years, Is it possibly due to the small size of the Singapore market which makes the readership very small? Or was it due to stiff competition from the other media companies?
    Would certainly appreciate it if you could voice your opinions. Thank you =)

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