Life without Firefox…

…Is like living without my right arm.
I can still get things done
But it’s like walking 3 sides of a square
to get to the same point.
Every time I think of opening a new page,
I reach out to hit CTRL-T but then realise
It doesn’t work that way any more.
I did that too many times today.
I stopped myself, because it felt silly.
As if something would happen in IE!
So my taskbar’s cluttered now.
Programs, Documents, and a gazillion browser windows.
I do lots of things at the same time.
Now it just takes me longer to locate a window.
And I can’t open multiple pages
With the click of a button anymore
It’s one by one by one by one…
The customised version of IE we have to use
prevents me from changing the homepage URL
and usernames or passwords cannot be stored
So nothing’s done anymore with just a click of a button.
And it takes longer for me
To find what I want.
Worse, I nearly lost the Google Toolbar.
I begged to keep it
Because that was the closest thing to Firefox
That I had left.
At least it let me search Google
And block popup windows
For free.


  1. James Lai

    I was using my mac but my work would not allow me. I was then forced to use wintel. Novell was working great but I was told we have to change to Microsoft because it is a bigger company. People just won’t get fire if they use MS products. Then come Firefox. It works so great that is may be brought out by Microsoft.

  2. kristen

    what a pain in the butt. yikes!
    i’d really, really miss the auto password filler. and the multitab browsing, and the pop-up blocker. and, well, everything.

  3. Bec

    It’s good to keep up with Singapore and stuff so sometimes I click on your blog just to see whats going on. It’s cool :). But the best thing this year has been this popups tip. Thank you!! Popups drive me bananas (or, they were driving me bananas hehehe). Firefox :P~~~

  4. sneaky

    Why not just run Firefox from a USB pendrive? That way you can truthfully say you don’t even have it ‘installed’.
    If I was in your situation, I’d buy a pendrive just for this purpose and not worry about the drive’s life expectancy with the frequent reads and writes.

  5. Nedward

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