Nyeah, nyeah

So, my grandfather ordered a brand new G5 Mac at Comdex today. Is that cool, or what?!
The system should be delivered in a few days’ time. It goes without saying (but of course I’ll say it anyway) that I will be there to, erm, make sure everything’s working smoothly.
I just hope the 23 inch studio display screen won’t spoil my eyesight 😛
He still has a PC which we’d like to keep, to run programs and games written only for IBM-compatible machines. The lady at the Apple Booth told us we could use the monitor with a PC, as long as the PC has a ‘DVI’ output. On initial research I have found an article which explains how this can be done.
If anyone of you have further insight on this matter, post your tips here anyway. Much appreciated!


  1. ci'en

    Your grandfather is one cool guy, the only thing my mum uses the computer for is to check toto results *smacks forehead* Getting a new computer is so exciting!
    btw, I finally managed to get MT working on my blog! 🙂

  2. vantan

    The display cost as much as the CPU!
    Yup, my grandpa is one cool dude 🙂 Now all I have to do is get him an internet connection…

  3. chnrxn

    > Now all I have to do is get him an internet connection…
    I’m sure you know which modem to get for him. 😀

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