Play it again, Cam

I was browsing the Mozilla website and couldn’t resist trying out Camino, a simple browser designed specifically for OS X. So far so good. Pages and images render pretty quickly, and since they use Apple’s interface, all the buttons look like they’re straight out from Mac OS X. It also has a Google search bar.
Bookmarks seem to be easier to manage than in Firefox, as I can drag them directly into subfolders, like in Internet Explorer (the only browser NOT to be installed in my G5 thus far) [Argh! The rogues … they snuck IE in my Applications folder!].
When I hit Apple + T for a new tabbed window, the tabs appear in the centre of the panel, not from the left. They too have the Mac OS X look.
As I’m posting this using Camino, I can tell you that Movable Type 3.0’s interface works fine – Bold, Italics, Underline and URL commands function as they should. However, the font size for my entry text fields is definitely smaller than what I’m used to.
While Camino’s still in development stage, I’d say Safari has some competition in the Mac-only browser division 🙂
However, despite all these wonderful new browsers coming of age, I dislike the fact that one of my local banks doesn’t allow me to log in if I don’t use IE or Netscape for Mac. So I had to install Netscape on my Mac. Then, after installing Office for Mac, I suspect Microsoft threw in IE as well. So I now have Safari, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, IE and Camino. Phew!


  1. Varian

    Just noticed that the “URL” in this entry expands to “unified resource locator”. Shouldn’t it be “uniform”? Or have i got it wrong all these years? Hmm.

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