Land ahoy!

The Star Virgo cruise ship
OK, so I’m back from the cruise. We watched some good shows in the style of Cirque du Soleil, complete with an opera singer from Belarus. There was a 21-year old midget from China whom I could have sworn seeing back in Singapore’s Millennia Walk. I suppose he goes places… I also lost everything I put in the casino, which is a sign that I will probably have to work hard to earn my keep for the rest of my life!
There were probably a couple hundred mainland Chinese tourists and nearly 600 Indians, so you can imagine many exciting things happened around the buffet table. A Chinese man and an Indonesian or Taiwanese lady were involved in loud altercations during one of the shows, each shouting that the other had no manners. The few Singaporeans around were actually fairly well-behaved. We stopped over at Penang, then at Phuket. Both were enjoyable day trips.
But on board, everybody was over-eating! How could you possibly have a huge breakfast, a huge lunch, a big tea and then a huge dinner? Grossness! I starved myself for our last two meals (tea and dinner) and still felt full at midnight, back in Singapore.
However I made the mistake of going to the gym on the last day of the cruise. Less than twelve hours later, after an intensive upper-body workout involving my suspension in the air, doing body crunches, we were all crushed together in the port, fighting for our luggage with what felt like a thousand other people. I couldn’t possibly let my old folks carry their heavy suitcases, so I did. What did not help was that they only opened one exit for all of us to squeeze through. I think our port is nowhere as well-run as our airport.
Anyway. See that cheesy picture at the top of this post? I have to resort to using a free image editor for OS X until I get my darn Macromedia Studio MX problem sorted out. It’s an absolute shite story; if you read my letter to Macromedia below you’ll see what I mean.

Letter to Macromedia Support – Asia Pacific

I am the owner of Macromedia Studio MX 2004 with Flash Professional (Serial No. WPD700-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx)
I previously installed and activated the software on an old PC running Windows 2000. Recently I purchased a new Macintosh computer running OS 10.3 and tried to transfer the licence to it.
However, even after de-activating Studio MX on my PC successfully, the Mac was unable to activate it, saying there were ‘too many connections’.
In fact, I couldn’t even ‘Activate Later’ and use the product on my Mac for 30 days, because the Activation window would take me to the ‘Enter your serial number’ page, and the process would start all over again. It worked this way for all Studio MX products – Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Freehand.
Because I have urgent freelance work to complete, the only choice was to go back to using Studio MX on my old PC. I re-activated the software on it.
When I had time, I would de-activate Studio MX on the PC and try to activate it on the Mac. I did this many times, hoping that it would eventually work. It didn’t.
I even waited for a day to pass before activating it on my Mac, in case the Macromedia server hadn’t updated its registry yet.
Now my old PC is now unable to start up, and I am stranded without being able to use Studio MX at all, after paying S$1600 for it! Can someone please, please help, ASAP?
Thank you so much.


  1. joan

    the pix made me think of the old TV series The Love Boat! Haha! I really liked watching that as a kid!

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