Site update

I’ve been subsisting on 4-5 hours of sleep every day because I’m trying to complete the church website, as well as my new portfolio. It’s tricky doing a portfolio when most of your best works happen to be top secret / currently being developed / intranets. I think I will be forced to display tiny screen captures.
My profuse apologies to those who have been writing in to me and not getting a proper response. I received an influx of spam at my free email account, causing me to miss some important enquiries that didn’t have the usual subject headers which you can select on my Contact page.
Now, if I can just get this darned Nigerian official to shove off …


  1. babypuppi

    haha… this nigerian/ african official thingy again!!! can’t believe people are still spamming with that one! its gotta be the oldest one in the book!

  2. vantan

    Precisely … it’s driving me nuts. And a few people actually got conned, went to Nigeria and got a bagful of worthless charred notes.

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