Upgraded to MT3.0!

Okay folks, I’ve upgraded to MT3.0!
It would’ve gone faster had I not accidentally uploaded the FULL version instead of the UPGRADE – I was also going to install a brand new system onto my friend’s server and got the two mixed up. (Blame it on the jet lag!)
I must say the interface looks prettier. Hmm let’s see if I get hit by any bugs in the next few days.
[Those posting comments may not be able to view them straight away. Don’t keep on re-submitting them. It seems I have to approve each comment now. However I won’t be forcing you guys to register with Typekey unless my content spamming gets out of hand.]


  1. jim

    if you have the mt-blacklist going on, you have to shut it off as it is not compatible with mt3.0d…that’s why u comments won’t appear until you approve it…a weird effect of having mtblacklist going on…

  2. Alvin

    Hmm. I tested a copy of MT 3.0D (Free Edition) on my machine and added a few authors.. Seems to work. So, what’s the issue of not being able to have more than 1 author?
    However, doesn’t seems to be able to add comments (despite enabling comments from public option – There just isn’t any textfield to add comments.)

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