How to start a blog

Anders has a great post for those who want to know what blogging is about, and how to start a weblog of your own.
Naturally, if you want something with the full works, Movable Type rocks. It’s the best, really. If however you know nuts about web languages but have cash to spare, then Typepad may suit you better.
Of course, if you use MT and have a little cash to spare, you can donate to MT like many of us have. By doing so, you get a ‘key’ that will enable your blog to be listed on the MT website’s ‘Recently Updated’ section. Freak incidents resulting from this could include getting indexed by Blogshares (the virtual stock market game for weblogs), causing the price of your tiny, worthless blog to soar phenomenally for days. Okay, so maybe that’s just something that happened to me.
[ Note: oops. I’m still not used to posting with w.bloggar. I forgot to add a Title, and it took the first five words of my opening paragraph which made me sound like a raving fan of Andersja 🙂 I’ve since changed it to something more tame. ]