The Grand Canyon!

I just flew in a helicopter to see the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon! The view was spectacular! Phweet!
[There is no way I can describe the experience without photographs. I took loads of them. Videos, too. However this hotel computer’s CPU is bound, gagged and sealed underneath my table (don’t ask why, it just is) and I don’t think I can upload anything (although this is Las Vegas and you could do anything for the right price). Until I get home to upload my pics, just imagine a clear, deep blue sky, lots of desert rock, shrubbery, and suddenly a big lake right in the middle of it all… and then an unbelievably huge, rocky chasm.]
The next time you to go Vegas with some time (and lots of cash) to spare, I suggest you look up Sundance Helicopters. Priced at over US$300 a ride per person (meal included), it really isn’t cheap, but another passenger told me there was another company that wanted to charge $500 per person! [If you book online, be careful – I had an error page after submitting my form, so I ended up calling them instead.]
My journey began this morning when I was picked up in a limo. Along the way more people came on board and we chatted to each other on the way to the helipad. I had a great conversation with an Aussie and a Londoner (who supports London football clubs in general). However the Aussie deliberately ignored us when we started talking about rugby :-B
Then they put us into groups, balancing us out according to our weight, we suspected. The others were asked to give their height and weight when they made their advance bookings. However they didn’t ask me – they probably thought, “Oh, she’s Singaporean – probably short and small.” I shared the ‘copter with two fun young couples from the North of England (they had Yorkshire accents methinks). Loads more tourists poured in from other vehicles. Almost everyone was from England!
We glided past the Hoover Dam, the helicopter deliberately tilting to both sides so we could all see it. Then we landed at a spot with a great view of the chasm below. We took photos and had brunch in a Survivor-like shelter.
Then it was time to go back! The other passengers asked me if I’d like to switch places so I could sit in front this time, which was really nice of them. No worries about motion sickness, we didn’t have any as the weather was good. All in all it was an exhilarating experience. I’d certainly do it again if I went with friends or family.


  1. Maria

    Not only do you say “to-mah-toe” (my oversight in my previous comment) and “koo-pon”, but you also apparently say “phweet”. šŸ˜‰
    Sounds like you’re getting royal treatment and enjoying your stay in the US. Surely you can forgive the “driving on the wrong side of the road” business when the US is providing you with so much amusement? šŸ˜‰

  2. Maria

    Uh, I just way “sweet”. In that Californian twang.
    I have to ask: Did you stay at the Aladdin hotel in Vegas? (Honing my psychic skills, that’s all…. šŸ˜‰

  3. Reno Brackman

    My wife and I booked our tour with Paradise Found Tours and had an amazing time! check out It’s a lively blog on the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Las vegas. They also offer an extensive grand canyon picture library on their site, though it doesn’t compare in seeing the grand canyon live.

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