While surfing around for accessories and software enhancements for my iPod, I chanced upon a very handy tool for Christians: the BiblePod, built for third generation iPods and Minis.
It’s available for both Mac and PC (2000/XP). The Mac interface looks much prettier than the PC version. Yes I know that’s usually the case, but it’s a big difference here.
Note: They use the King James Version. Parting thought: We already have AppleScript. Now, do we also have AppleScripture? 🙂 Incidentally I had no idea there was such a thing as an XML Bible Markup Language. Impressive.
More seriously, I am looking for a way to publish my iTunes playlists / top rated songs on my own website. Ideally it should transmit information via XML which will then be displayed on a web page. Previously I managed to hook up my Winamp player to display the latest playlist tracks on this website. This time it’s a different piece of software, and it should contain my ratings. Any ideas?