Who’s your favourite?

The American Idol competition is approaching the final stage and everyone is talking about their favourite singer. Who’s yours?
I think it’ll be a tie between Fantasia and La Toya.
More people I’ve spoken to, seem to prefer La Toya. But Fantasia has a more distinctive voice. Not everyone appreciates it. And I admit she comes across as a little arrogant, as though she knows she’s already won.
However I don’t mind singers like Macy Gray, and I simply lurrrve Erykah Badu. I can recognise their voices a mile away, as opposed to the more common thick, rich vocals you so often hear in Jazz and R&B music. So I have no objections to black female singers with edgy vocals. At all.
It also helps that Fantasia sang one of my favourite tunes, What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (listen to my favourite rendition by Bill Evans, on iTunes if you have it running). Paula Abdul wept. I nearly did, too.


  1. Queenie O Her majesty on high E-Queen

    Fantasia is in a league of her own. I’d say yes to her edgy vocals too, but I’d like to see her stand apart from Macy. Well, she seems to play the game astutely — acting like you’ve already won does’nt come across as arrogance (IMHO) but sheer confidence and faith in her abilities. That’s the aura of a winner. (Similar image projection applies to job interviews too I guess — act like you’ve got the job already, or would fit in perfectly with the job…)
    As for La Toya? The lady spells class. Very cool, calm, poised. Her poise, classy cool image is very pleasant.
    But Fantasia — with that name, voice and unique persona — even if she’s not crowned American Idol, will have a big fat recording contract(s) in a jiffy. And, she takes a song and gives it her style. She’s personal. That stands out.

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