Wonky camera

Warped purple picture
No, this isn’t pop art. It’s my Olympus camera. After serving me well for nearly one and a half years it suddenly acted up. Purplish tints and blurred streaks make my pictures look like some haunted house (that’s my apartment ceiling BTW, and it’s supposed to be bright white).
I don’t recall doing anything to it, although I have left my camera bag in the car boot, under the hot sun. I didn’t drop my camera. I just took it out of my bag one day, and suddenly it was like Purple Rain (sorry, Prince).
Time to visit the service centre…
[Update: I picked up my camera from the service centre. The repair cost me just over S$200. Some microchip needed to be replaced. Everything’s fine now.]


  1. marta

    Jeziz, just like mine! Exactly a year and a half later. It’s quite weird, I thought mine was protesting after multiple airport controls, I never drop it either.
    Mine is a canon a70 and, apparently, can see dead people now. A friend referred me to this page to see if we could get over this together X-DDDDDDD

  2. vantan

    Hello Marta, thanks for stopping by! I’ve fixed my camera for a small fortune. Hope you’ve done something about your camera too 😉

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