More CDs

Recently acquired albums: Jamiroquai’s Dynamite, Mo’Horizon’s New Bohemian Freedom (High Society edition), Pink Martini’s Sympathique and Hang On Little Tomato, and New Order’s Best Of. The latter three were on a ‘3 for $49.90’ offer, which is great because I half wanted to buy them individually in the past, but decided to wait.
Skimming through Dynamite has left me satisfied that Jamiroquai has a pretty consistent standard throughout their albums. My all-time favourite, however is still Space Cowboy (both the song and album).
Mo’Horizon’s album is slightly chilled with laid-back drums and exotic-sounding lyrics.
As for Pink Martini, now at least I can satisfy my craving for the dangerously catchy Sympathique song (the one that goes,’Je ne veux pas travailler, Je ne veux pas déjeuner’…).