Goodbye, Hello

I supposed now is as good as any other time to announce that I am on the lookout for new employment opportunities.
Yours truly has to decide whether to go back to web design (seeing how it may not be economically feasible to start a web standards consultancy here in Singapore), embark on full-scale music production, or focus on writing.
Any position requiring a quirky sense of humour and plenty of puns would be good. Other jobs suggested by various friends and colleagues over the past 3 years include script writer / dramatist / actor / radio dj or comedienne.
Whatever my choice is, I want to be happy with what I’m doing, and proud of my contributions. I’ve had that feeling before and I know I can do it again.


  1. kottonwool

    Way to go, gurl! You’ve already got your best big step forward – and that’s your optimism! We’ve worked together before, so if I hear of any fun interesting positions I think suit you, will definitely update you. Sshhh… I can already sense fun and excitement coming up! 😀

  2. kristen

    good for you, and good luck with the job search. you’re talented and motivated – you’ll get there. wherever ‘there’ may be!

  3. karen

    You’re blessed with so much talent ! (including being a gown “poofer”)
    Am sure you’ll find the right job soon
    No rush !

  4. babypuppi

    Congratulations… you can only go further & shine brighter. This is being true to yourself, just take the time…

  5. Waye

    Hi Van
    hAven’t spoken in ages. But if you want to write, TODAY is looking for a feature journalist. It’s a small paper, but if being inquisitive is your thing, and arts and culture your lifeline, then you could try for it. They’re looking for someone with an interest in more than just film, but books, music, the arts, and other leisure and entertainment-type pursuits.

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