Two’s company

So, just in case some of my friends missed my change of status on Facebook: I’m attached. It happened last weekend. And it feels Right! Let’s call him R, for short.
Two of my girl friends were particularly excited for me, since they had met R at the same dinner. Turns out that R and I were from the same business school (he was an alumnus, and I, an aspiring graduate). We also happened to love technology. So we started comparing the apps on our iPhones and it turns out that we had a few of the same apps. Great minds!
In any case, R and I met up the next day for one of our favourite indulgences – foot massage! We found out we had other things in common. We’re both pretty advanced piano players. We love the same types of food. He’s definitely more fit than I am but my fitness will keep improving when we go on our brisk walking dates.
We went cycling on Saturday and it was the best workout I had in ages. 25km, all the way to the Changi Village jetty and back.
It helps that R has gone through what I’ve gone through, and understands how demanding my course is. Exams are in 2 weeks and I have a few graded assignments due this week and next, accounting for large chunks of my final results. Time management is so essential now. Fortunately, my family has been supportive of everything.
Gotta sleep now. The story has just begun…