Time to score

Today, I learnt that my piano teacher was going to hold a jazz clinic for his students. He was going to team his students up with professional musicians so we could experience playing in a band.
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was one of his strongest students and that he had selected me and two other pianists to participate in this clinic (especially considering how I only practice once a week). Time to put in more hours!
We haven’t decided what piece I will be playing, but he did suggest playing one of my compositions, provided I could provide scores for the other musicians. That’s going to be tricky, seeing how I haven’t converted any of my arrangements to MIDI format. I haven’t decided on what software to get, can’t be bothered to soup up my old G4 Mac and link it to my keyboard, don’t have space in the new apartment to set it up anyway, and won’t bother to try until we move back into the house. Eep.
Coming to think of it, this is the second time I’ve been asked to provide scores. The first time it was someone from The Quests (old Singaporean band, very popular a few decades ago). I guess I should do something about it.
It looks like I will have to manually pen the scores. Argh. Haven’t done something like that since I took my last Theory exam.


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