Jam session

My new band, the Moonjumpers, kind of met up this Sunday. We were all playing at a student jam session. It went well. It’s good to get out of ‘soloist’ mode every now and then, and work as a team. That’s the fun part.
The students who don’t communicate with others are the ones who usually don’t click in a band. It’s hard to get coordinated when the band doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. I played All The Things You Are, Black Orpheus and Don’t Get Around Much Anymore and each time before we started, as the lead pianist I told the other members how I wanted the intro, improvisations and ending to fit in. It worked out fine.
I’m quite happy with the Moonjumpers. My 2nd keyboardist and bassist are heaven-sent. Finally got to see Richard on the double bass and he was handling it very well. Nicol and I have really hit it off musically – she knows I like to play it cool, and comes in to fill the spaces lightly. Mutual respect and cooperation is needed among members.
The other piece of good news is that we may have found a new drummer. Among the teachers, he’s known as the student drummer with the most potential. However, he’s already in 2 other bands which have been more happening. Let’s say one made it to the finals of Battle of the Bands recently. So I’m praying he has the time to stay with us.
Kids these days are so busy… Hmm that sounds familiar.