To B(uy) or not to b(uy)?

The amazing KORG Triton Studio!
I’ve been eyeing the KORG Triton Studio for quite a few months, and now that City Music is having its usual December sale, I’m seriously contemplating a purchase.
‘Fact is, the original price (with CD writer) was S$4,828 and its current sale price is S$3,932 (about US$2,229). Which is very much cheaper than what the Studio is going for on various American websites. But it’s still way out of my budget. I might as well save the money this year, and use it to further my education (if I’m selected for the Masters course).
Thoughts, anyone?


  1. bryan you cousin :D

    well… if you dont really want the quality that much… just get the creative prokeys or whatever it is. its not bad and much much cheaper. but its only the simple keyboard. no facy stuff like the KORG.

  2. van jie jie

    Well then I might as well stick to my current old KORG keyboard, and finally learn how to hook up my G4 Mac with it. I’m still considering my options. I think whatever the case, I need a bigger studio! >;-)

  3. foo

    just go for it van. time to treat yourself. school blues we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it. carpe diem!

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