No logo

I just submitted my WSSG (Web Standards Singapore) logo. I’ve decided that nothing I’m going to do in my life will ever be perfect, and my work isn’t going to get richer with age, unlike wine, so there’s no point keeping it till the last moment.
It’s only when I do things like this, however, that I suddenly remember all the times I muttered, through gritted teeth, “I hate print work.” But I’ve forced myself to use Freehand for print layouts, because I know it’s good for that, and I always like to learn new things.
I’m essentially a Fireworks user at heart, and when I do have to use Freehand to edit illustrations I get thrown off by the fact that many shortcut keys are different. Hello, Macromedia? Can we have a bit more coherence here! Or maybe the two programs are really different from each other and I’m just not getting it.
I also get thrown off when elements in a document are saved as external files, and when fonts I export to another format get changed. I’m a webby by nature – spare me the ink.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to some good submissions from other members. I hope we’re spoilt for choice.