Spot me! Spot me!

Dear Sir/Madam
Congratulations! Our records show that you have successfully maintained a clean driving record. For 5 years from xx to xx you have not received any demerit points. Neither have you committed any serious traffic offences.
We hope you will maintain this clean record by continuing to observe traffic rules, and by being safe and courteous while on the road.
Our recognition of your efforts is part of the Road Safety Outreach Programme to promote road safety awareness among all road users – motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.
As part of this programme, we will be on the look-out for courteous motorists, throughout the whole of November and December this year. Motorists spotted displaying exemplary behaviour like signaling early, giving way or waving to say thanks will be rewarded with attractive prizes.
Once again, congratulations for doing your part in keeping our roads safe for everyone.
Traffic Police Department.


  1. Daniel

    Very Singaporean.
    Here in the UK its all about speed cameras. Most people consider them to be cash cows for the government and are quite agrieved that they could be fined for speeding. But the government is no match for the free market as the proliferation of anti speed camera devices shows.
    I saw six different recently published patents for them just the other day.

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