Comic feeds

I haven’t, honest-to-goodness for the life of me, had time to review my favourite newsfeeds since I started work again. I nearly had to skip one friend’s wedding this weekend because of contractor problems (but I made it, hallelujah), and nearly forgot about an ex-colleague’s forthcoming wedding, AND I forgot the birthday of one of my oldest friends, which is completely unforgiveable and I know she is reading this and yes I will take her out for a really nice dinner when she gets back. And yes I promise to enter all important dates into my new phone so I will never forget again.
But anyway. For those of you who read feeds like I do, Boing Boing has a collection of popular comic strips which have their own newsfeeds. You can view each daily strip in your ‘reader. Yay.
That’s all for now folks … back to work.


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