OSX on Windows

Object dock, a la Mac
Sacrilege! Last night I installed Object Dock, a nifty tool that adds a dock to my desktop which looks and works very much like the one in Mac OS X. All I have to do is drag the files and folders onto the dock, and shortcut icons will be created. My Start menu of course had to be relegated to the Northern hemisphere of my screen.
Speaking as a newbie, what I like best about the dock is that if, for instance, I have a few web pages in my browser(s) open, and then I minimise them, screen shots of each document will be thumbnailed in the dock. You can also customise your icons and how they appear when you hover over them.
But I couldn’t stop there, could I? I had to go all the way and install Window Blinds to shed my stodgy Win 2000 image. I heard that someone created a Mac OS X skin but Apple wasn’t happy with that, so it’s no longer listed on the skins website.


  1. Joshua

    Use ObjectBar as well. Oh, and get your skins from deviantART. Plenty more for the picking there 😉

  2. vantan

    Ah. But I might switch to Linux instead, or toggle between it and Windows. There are too few programs on the Mac for me to tweak with.

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