Haw’s the going

My colleague brought a few rolls of Haw Flakes, a kind of pink, coin-shaped candy that many Singaporeans might have eaten as children. After indulging in a few of the discs, we realised we still didn’t know what Haw was. One theory on the internet was that it came from the Hawthorne bush (interestingly, it appears that many non-Asian/Western/white people are also interested in its origins). Other folks have mistaken it for firecrackers, but on trying the candy, seemed to like it.
Alarmingly, Haw flakes were also banned by the FDA for having unsafe colouring. However I understand that the brands we have in Singapore may be different from the brand that the Hong Kong company listed on the FDA website, tried to import. So hold your Hawses.
In fact, this page lists some health benefits of eating Haw, but adds that it’s best to check with your doctor first.


  1. QTip

    “Eeet eeszz erh looong and ole storeeee, thee ollygins awf teeese tings, nooo uwn reallleee nooess, baht yoo nooe HAW, dat eet ees velly goot and niceeee…”
    *forgive me, but these flakes do inspire such HAW-ribble corniness in me*

  2. Maria

    “So hold your Hawses.”
    Har har har (I’ll spare the obvious “haw haw haw”).
    You’re fired. 😉
    Haw flakes are probably my favorite Asian “candy”. Thanks for providing a hearty groan. 😉

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