Stop smoking, live forever

It’s official: Andrea See will live forever.

Thanks to an errant comment from a cynical reader (14th from the top), who has probably failed in his/her own attempts at quitting smoking and is plain jealous of Andrea’s success thus far. I was miffed at first, but now am absolutely tickled by her response.

The following is taken from a Singapore Ministry Of Health document (Clinical Practice Guidelines for the cessation of smoking):

1.3 Benefits of smoking cessation

It is beneficial to stop smoking at any age as it has major and immediate health benefits even for smokers who have smoked for many years. Within two days of quitting, the sensations of smell and taste are enhanced. Within two weeks to three months of quitting, circulation improves and lung function increases by up to 30%. The excess risk of heart disease is reduced by half within one year of
stopping smoking. Within five years, the risk of heart disease reduces to the level of non-smokers. In those with existing heart disease, smoking cessation reduces the risk of recurrent infarction or death by half. The risk of lung cancer is reduced by 50-70% after 10 years of abstinence from smoking and continues to decline thereafter.

So there.


  1. Maria

    It’s pretty amazing how the human body can recuperate and rejuvenate from something as toxic as smoking, eh?
    If we interpret “forever” as relative (tongue in cheek), Andrea will live “more forever” than she was going to–and she’ll be much healther for those extra years of “forever”.

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