George Bush has a blog

And it’s the most popular weblog topic on Daypop right now. I’ll leave you to read what other bloggers have to say about the website.

Now, I’d like to know if my readers in the US (I’m assuming there might be a few of you) are able to access, because I can’t. I wonder why…

In the meantime, I’ve imagined how a blog really penned by Dubya would look like. Maybe like this:

My first post


I am smarter than Dan Quayle. Hyuck, hyuck. Hey, what’s that new guvnor’s name? Scherwartzetenerr? Oh, never mind. I can still spell ‘terrorism’.

All right, I’m mean. Actually, I’m miffed that I can’t view his website and read his blog. I’d really like to see how he thinks.

[Update 28/10/03: The Guardian has an article aptly titled, “Don’t blog like Bush.” Worth reading.]


  1. mark

    looks like a merely political site–it is not really a “blog”; Mr Bush probably has nothing to do with it.

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