The Democratic Debate 2003

The Democratic Debate was showing on TV this morning as I was getting ready for work. I didn’t catch much of it, but at least I managed to see Howard Dean (blog), Gen. Wesley Clark (blog) and the man who could’ve/should’ve been Vice-President, Joseph Lieberman. Other names I recognised were Rev. Al Sharpton, Richard Gephardt and John Kerry.
My favourite quote came from a candidate (not sure which one) Wesley Clark, who was answering a question from a US army officer recently returned from the war zone, who wanted to know what benefits they planned to give to the armed forces. The difference between Republicans and Democrats, this candidate said, was that Republicans like big weapons. Democrats like people.
Of course, I’d think the purpose of these debates is to present a unified Democrat stance on general principles, blame Bush and company for the usual woes – the economy, the war in Iraq and so forth. Yet at the same time each candidate had to differentiate himself or herself in a way that would make viewers want that person to be President.
A summary of the debate can be found here.
[Amendments and updates: It wasn’t the first debate. My bad! Many news commentaries give different viewpoints, with various candidates being criticised or praised. Time to find out more. ]


  1. Aakash

    I just last night posted six new entries at my blog – some of them are highly critical of the Bush administration and the Iraq war (and from a conservative perspective).
    The last of the six, however, points out connections between Wesley Clark & the Clinton administration and Islamic terrorists.

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