Quirky new business blog

Staff members of the magazine, Fast Company, have started writing a weblog. Powered by Movable Type, of course. The weblog’s coming along nicely. Content so far is bright and snappy. What I’d like to see, as the site develops, is more active reader commentary.
Update: Heath Row (from the magazine, not the airport) has his own weblog.


  1. joan

    oh great! I love the magazine Fast Company. This should be quite interesting seeing that it’s written by the staff.

  2. vantan

    Yup, we’ll be keeping our eyes on it for sure! I find it more interesting reading corporate weblogs now because it reminds me that there are human beings behind each company. Sure beats a formal press release anytime.

  3. Heath

    Thanks for checking out FC Now! If you ever have anything to say in response to an FC Now post, feel free to leave a comment. We read every one — and we’ll respond to the best and brightest in the blog itself.

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