Movable Type Meetup – Singapore

Good news for sociable Movable Type users:

Meetup with other local fans of Movable Type to discuss changes and plug-ins, offer tips, and gush about this customizable publishing system.

I’ve logged in to the Singapore division, cast my vote for the venue and offered to be a host for this local event. The time of meeting? Monday, Aug 11 at 7:00PM (the second Monday of every month).
Now, I’m looking at the Top Cities for Movable Type Meetups list, and Singapore is ranked 36th out of 92, with one (1) member. I know there are many more people out there. Do spread the word and make the Singapore event happen. Thank you.
Update: Thanks to Jean, we now have two (2) members and have jumped to number 20 on the list. Hurrah. We need five to make the event worth attending.
Update #2: Thanks to Kristen and Mark, the newlyweds, for joining in!
We’re now the third most happening group, right after San Francisco (Ben and Mena attending) and New York (Anil). Just one more person… come on, folks, I’m sure there are plenty of you out there!
Update #3: Well done, Singapore! There are now eight of us, which is enough to get the party started!


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