Another hectic day

If I think very hard about it, I probably have like 21 things to do by yesterday, and I haven’t completed anything yet.
I will be reorganising this blog into new categories which better suit the subject matter in my posts. Please excuse any mess that may result.
Update: I had dinner with cousin Luke and several of his old schoolmates. I was early and had to look out for one of his friends, whom I hadn’t met before. However as a top debator he was well known throughout the junior colleges. Those sort of people were in the league which I knew I’d never get into.
Then I wondered why I was feeling so apprehensive! Despite being out of the Singapore education system for years, I still felt a sense of awe knowing that the people I was meeting, were all geniuses, scholars, doctors-to-be, outstanding speakers. I, the hapless underachiever, felt unworthy to be with them.
But I was wrong. They were fascinating, open conversationalists with no airs about them. We adjourned for drinks after dinner, and I came home feeling very sleepy but – still, fascinated. I think I need to get out of the house more often.


  1. deb

    poor girl. you’re not alone though. 🙂 into my 2nd day of school and i’ve got 2 reports to submit to my mentor by Friday! grr…
    hang in there…the worst will be over soon.

  2. tiggie

    hey Van, don’t forget to take time out to have a bite, snooze and take a deep breath…..can’t keep going without fuel….hoping that things will perk up yonder real soon!

  3. kottonwool

    *phew* I just competed my 2ndRule PDF design I started since this afternoon! You know, this ‘freelance’ lifestyle means the day kinda start only after lunch…
    So, look out for the coming issue of The2ndRule!
    p.s. please don’t sell me advertising space on haha

  4. joan

    hello girl, you’re NOT an underachiever ok! Please lah, calling yourself an underachiever just makes me and a whole lot of other people look bad!

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