Bigotry doesn’t help anyone

After reading the horrible, horrible Yahoo! forum comments on the Bijani twins (bless their souls), I wonder how some people can sleep at night.
Fix ’em, then shoot ’em as they walk out of the hospital, said one.
Now we’ll have two terrorists instead of one, said another.
It’s a great waste of US taxpayer money, said yet another member who obviously didn’t even realise that no US funds were being used.
I could go on and on because for every meaningful message there are five others which are derogatory, abusive, racist and downright ignorant. I don’t even KNOW the twins personally. But if you haven’t noticed, they’re human beings too. Get a life.
Might I ask my readers to pray for them. Above the doctors and hospitals’ reputations, share prices and anything else. God’s will be done.


  1. D W

    If this was discussed openly, it could start a full-scale riot.
    Singaporeans in general are not ready for freedom of speech.

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