Log for the day

Some news I’ve stumbled across today.
Sleeping more reduces risk of cancer, says the Stanford University Medical Centre. Siesta, anyone?
Governator update: It appears that Arnie’s promises may not be that easy to achieve. Still, he’s on a roll, and his new campaign website is up and running.
[We interrupt this transmission to bring you a code critique. What amazes me is the fact that no stylesheets were used. There are as many as 17 tables on the front page alone, unclosed break tags, and javascript is used for almost everything – including linking, and those cool nav bar rollover effects which could so easily have been achieved using CSS. The List-o-matic would have done the same thing in four easy steps, and less code. Oh, and – no ALT text for images. Tsk, tsk.]
I want my money back! Microsoft might pay US$10.5 million to consumers it overcharged, despite admitting ‘no wrongdoing’. Hmm.


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