It’s been a few months since the invasion (or liberation, depending on how you see it) of Iraq. While the war isn’t officially over yet, have you ever wondered just how many people died in the September 11 attacks, which were no doubt a key influence (or excuse, depending on how you see it) for the most recent war?
These facts are taken off the US Department of State website:

September 11 fatal casualties
World Trade Center 2,823 presumed confirmed dead (*includes airline passengers)
Pentagon 125 (not including plane victims)
Flight 11* 92 passengers, WTC
Flight 175* 65 passengers, WTC
Flight 77 64 passengers, Pentagon
Flight 93 44 passengers, Pennsylvania

That’s a total of 3,056 people, if my calculations are correct.
Now, according to Iraq Body Count’s database, over 6000 people have been killed so far in the subsequent war in Iraq.
Just think about it.