I’m currently in 3 different music groups.
My still-nameless jazz band, for which I haven’t had the strength nor patience to score Dave Brubeck’s Blue Ronda a la Turka which is due for our practice session on Friday. Concert’s in June, not very prepared for it.
Company choir. Just wrote 2 songsheets for Amigos Para Siempre and Rainbow Connection. I dislike reading notes, so I removed them all and left the chords and some lyrics. It took me a few hours after Alpha and I am dead tired and cranky.
My worship team, which will be playing this Saturday for Alpha Day Away. Playing familiar tunes because I don’t know any songs outside of the ones we sing in church (that’s not much) and the CDs that people gave me. I purposely don’t want to learn too many new songs especially by ‘famous singers’ because there is a tendency to worship them or their music style, instead of Jesus.
So basically, I am up to my ears in music, and you may not find me particularly responsive or patient with emails or text messages.


  1. ady

    Btw… what did you eventually pick to use? I remembered that you were deciding between Cubase, Logic, etc. before.

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