Just one year and two days ago, as I came back from Gwen’s new year party, I found my parents had typed out New Year Resolutions for everybody.
As I recall, everyone was to lose a certain amount of weight, my sister and I had to have better phone manners towards each others’ friends, and mum and I had to get our PCs for golf. Dad had to get his handicap.
None of us met our weight targets. I got my PC around April. Nobody else took any tests in 2002 although dad played several games. My sis and I are more polite on the phone now, even though one of my sister’s friends still irritates me for some reason (maybe it’s because she never says ‘please’).
This year I have no definite resolutions yet. All my plans are hanging in the air, and whatever happens to the company next week will determine the rest of our future. Some might leave. Some might stay. I’m still waiting on news from USC. Frankly I feel like a wild card at the moment.
While these aren’t exactly resolutions, I will probably do the following:
1. Join a Bible studies group
2. Get baptised in March
3. Finish the church website soon
4. Lock myself up in the music room and record something new
5. Throw out a lot of junk cluttering up my room
6. Exercise more. Gym is good and I can do better than two times a year!
7. Visit the dentist. Too much coffee and tea.
8. Buy 4D for the first time in my life.
As for everything else – well, the Best is Yet to Be.
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