Courtesy at the gym

I returned to the Island Club gym yesterday evening. First, I had my temperature taken (36.7 degrees Celcius, hurrah!). Then I was given a SARS-free sticker. After which, I proceeded to cover over 3 km on the treadmill.
However, what marred my exercise was the presence of two other people on neighbouring treadmills, who were coughing. One man was on my immediate left, and I’d say he was in his late forties or fifties. The man on my immediate left was fine, but the lady on his left was not. She too was in her forties.
I felt like asking the guy if he was feeling fine, but was afraid that I’d sound rude. SARS virus or not, I didn’t think it made sense to push yourself if you weren’t feeling well! He was trying to suppress his coughs but to no avail. The faster the speed of his treadmill, the more he coughed. Ditto for the woman. The man on my left exchanged woeful glances with me. I tried to turn my head to the left when inhaling.
Finally, their treadmills slowed down, and they stopped coughing. I told Dad what happened and he said I should’ve reported them to the gym instructor. But he did assure me that those afflicted with SARS wouldn’t be strong enough to go to the gym as they’d be overwhelmed with breathing difficulties.


  1. Queenie

    I saw 2 ppl spit yesterday, one into a bin, the other on walkway.At an MRT station. So much for no spitting campaign!

  2. vantan

    Tell me about it! A few weeks ago, an old lady was walking two metres in front of me – and suddenly she spat to her left! Luckily I didn’t get hit.
    At a time of heightened sensitivity, I would have thought we’d be more considerate about our hygiene practices (or lack thereof).

  3. Alvin

    I think minority of Singaporeans are not well civilised enough. Not only do they spit, they also dumb things like shoes in the life or even urine in the lift *yucks*.
    How I wish the government will impose stricter laws or educate the public to curb this problem.

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