My countdown begins…

10 days to my baptism. I haven’t worn a skirt since Peranakan Night, I think… and that was actually a sarong. I have a decent white blouse. Erm, that’s really it. Oh, shoes. I should be able to balance on heels. They aren’t too high. Plain Jane shoes from good ol’ Marks and Sparks.
It’s a strange feeling. I knew it was going to happen but I was always telling myself, ah, I have a couple more months to go … and suddenly, you realise there are only two Sundays left and your good friends are asking you how to get to your church.
In the meantime, disease is on our doorstep, and the battle is still raging on. I read Revelations and sigh. Christian organisations are offering their interpretations of war and plague – but at a price. US$29.95 to be exact. But how do we know for sure that it’s going to be true? And do we really need to know everything, anyway? I think I’ll leave it to God, not the punters.
A new edition of the Bible Code is out, but I’m not buying it. I recall another expert decoder – was it Simon Singh? – who disproved the first book by showing that ‘Mickey Mouse’ or ‘Donald Duck’ was also in the same jumble of alphabets where ‘Lee Harry Oswald’ was. Regarding the assassination of JFK, of course.
Instead of getting caught up with conspiracy theories written by human beings who may themselves be biased, I’d much rather read the Bible itself, and focus on His word. Isn’t it obvious?