We were deeply shocked and saddened to hear that Sue Hixson, a long-serving member of my church, passed away suddenly. She was travelling back to the US to be with her daughter, who was expecting her first child. She didn’t get to see her granddaughter, who was named after her. It must be a difficult time for the family.
While I didn’t know Sue well, she was a familiar face, often helping out at church activities. Her husband Marv has been our resident saxophonist in the Worship team for years, and we’ve played together before. He’s a great guy. I can only offer him my condolences and keep him and his family in prayers.
A local American paper has a more detailed obituary on her passing. It mentions that Sue was also a docent at the Singapore Museum, travelled with Friends of the Museum, and also lectured at the Singapore Heritage Council. She did her part to promote breast cancer awareness too, writing textbooks to help people understand the condition.
Thank you, Sue. We know you’re in a better place now.
[Update: For those who are interested, Sue’s Memorial Service will be held at St George’s church on Friday evening, 2 November.]


  1. walter

    Its sad to hear about the untimely demise of a dear friend of yours, who is also a keen volunteer at our museums. Let’s pray that her family takes it well. At least, it is heartening to know that she has lived her life well, which is sometimes what truly matters at the day of reckoning. Isn’t it?

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