Sound of silence

I’ve been busy, and therefore silent. I have one Women’s Business Connection article to rewrite (procrastinating) on a specialist trade I know nothing about, a church website to restructure, and a medical association anthem to produce (check) and record to CD (help!!). All at no charge, since family members and the Holy Father are involved.
So it’s been work (at the office), and more work (at home). The upside is, since my sister is home for a break, we’ve all been going out for dinner, so I’m not entirely a no-lifer.
To relax, I’m now playing a Bill Evans CD I purchased over the weekend from the new That CD Shop branch at Pacific Towers. They’ve taken up both ground and second level floors. While not as large as the previous music tenant Tower Records, the service is still exemplary. I went in looking for one or two CDs and as expected, came out with several. I like the new DVD booths, which work like the Nakamichi CD samplers.
I also picked up two Lisa Ono albums for my mother, who heard her music at the shop and loved it, two music DVDs (Robbie Williams at Albert Hall, and the old Knebworth concert because my childhood heroes Tears For Fears were in it), a Henry Mancini album, since Simran said my songs sounded like his (erm, somewhat, but not quite what I expected).
Business must be good for you to take up such a big premise, I commented to the cheerful cashier. “Because we have customers like you,” she chirped. Well well, what could I say? I’m a sucker for music. And for good service.


  1. Van Heng

    I’m a sucker for music too! Hey van, what Lisa Ono titles did you get? My dad is a fan too and I’ve got a couple of albums myself. And which Henry Mancini album? I just bought one too! But it’s not his compositions, he just conducts and arranges Ennio Morricone’s music, another great composer himself.

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