Thoughts for the future

Well folks, I’ve registered for my first GRE test which will take place two weeks from now. I’m prepared to re-sit if I feel my scores aren’t good enough to get me into the grad school of my choice. Anyway, scores are valid for five years, so it’s worth getting a good one.
So far my top choice for Communication studies is USC’s Annenberg School. I am still looking around for alternative schools with a safer campus, greater accessibility to amenities and the city, lower cost of living and most importantly, a syllabus which includes New Media studies.
Studying at USC is terribly expensive, so I was glad to hear from my old friend Andrea this evening that some students may qualify for scholarship (or ‘half-scholarships’). Naturally this also depends on the kind of grades you get, so I really have to leave a good impression with the faculty.
But at this point in time, I don’t think I can pass up the chance to study in the land of Hollywood AND Silicon Valley – bastions of freedom and creativity.
[additional note: as we got up to leave Starbucks this evening, 2Pac’s hit, California Love, started to play. Lisa said this was a sign šŸ™‚ ]
Ironically, I’m willing to leave my job to get better qualifications (which should create better prospects and allow me to change my occupation), and to study a subject I’ve always been interested in. But at the same time, to help finance my further studies, I’m clinging on to my existing job. Even though we don’t get raises or bonuses. Actually, I can’t wait to see if the promise made to me, will be kept, come my second appraisal this October.


  1. Yvonne

    Good luck Vanessa! Logistics, logistics, what a pain. But then think of basking in Californian sun; too bad I’ll be back in bondage when you’re here in the States.
    Just got back a couple of days ago and am flurrying around, getting sorted out.

  2. ravrbrat

    “basking” … no, “broiling” is a better word, given the 38-degrees we are sweating through right now …
    (hi yvonne!)
    good luck van …

  3. Robert Deng

    hi,Tan. stumbled upon your log and got concerned about your plan for further studies at USC Annenberg. Your post was put on Sept. 2002. What happened to you now, at the school basking in southern californian sunshine?
    I was admitted by that school, but like you said, it asked too much for the first-year tuition and stipend, and I had to give up. They said my application would be deferred to this year. Until now, I didn’t hear further from them. Slim hope again, I guess. Last year they notified me of my being admitted as early as December 2002.
    Good luck to you amd myself.

  4. vantan

    Hey Robert. No news from USC yet about my application – I was told they’d make a decision at the end of March. In the meantime I have to earn my keep. Fingers crossed for both of us!

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