We can live without Microsoft

We can live without Microsoft.
We can live without Microsoft.
We can live without Microsoft.
We can live without Microsoft.
We can live without Microsoft.
If we say it enough times, maybe we can live without Microsoft.
Nothing else we’ve tried (government-backed lawsuits, counterclaims, appeals, yadda yadda) seems to work. And no matter how many times we curse Windows for crashing on us just before we’ve saved our 10,000-word document, we still persist in using it.
Either we don’t have the time to find alternative software, or we’re plain chicken about it (I still am, but Linux looks increasingly attractive), and we worry about things like incompatibilities and the fact that everybody ELSE is still using Microsoft products.
Maybe we can live without Microsoft.


  1. Kristen

    because of the corporate monopoly – the fact that the majority of people who use computers at work use microsoft software – a lot of non-computer people people are not even aware that there is an alternative. and then there are people like me, who know about linux, but are afraid to make the switch because of the technical know-how that is needed to make it work. i’d like to switch to a mac. but just thinking about all the new software i’d need makes me shudder with fear. one day…

  2. vantan

    Tell me about it. I just sat in for a 3-hour long IT team meeting at St George’s. Every computer in the church office (all on Win 98) can’t ‘Shut Down’; selecting that option will make it restart instead, and the patch for the bug didn’t work. Sigh.
    Macs are cool. I have a blue G4. I don’t use it much but I plan to hook it to with my keyboard. One day.

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