Running, not walking

A quick post to let my faithful blog readers know that I am still alive.
I hit the ground running at work, researching and then presenting a new framework to senior management, writing speeches and MC’ing a launch event. I would like to thank my colleagues for the positive feedback on my performance and appearance. It was a big learning experience and I shall continue to learn and improve.
Feedback – about other issues – is what I’ve been getting a lot of, actually. I will continue to listen, and if I am in a position to suggest improvements, I will. Thank you once again and keep the ideas flowing.
Apart from work, I am busy preparing for my favourite cousin’s wedding. I will be playing the wedding march and 2 hymns. The problem is, the rest of the band isn’t able to meet until 2 days before the wedding (one of the musicians isn’t even in Singapore). So we are going to practice virtually and trust in each others’ abilities!
I am also involved in another rehearsal – but shall leave that as a surprise till the last week of this month.
I am still on track to hitting my ideal weight. All the pairs of pants I bought just before leaving for France are loose. I’ve got some clothes resized, and will soon be sending a second batch to the tailor’s otherwise I won’t have anything decent left to wear. And if anyone else asks me if I went to a slimming centre, the answer is **no**! It is solely due to a much healthier diet and exercise. I work for HPB, you know!
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