All hands on deck!

I am postponing all social engagements until after my exams*. I won’t be responding to emails, comments, showing up at dinners or anything that will take up too much time. Likewise I won’t be giving my input on links you want me to check out, or long articles to read. The only other things I’m doing now is bible study (finally resumed it after being spiritually empty for the last 1-2 years) and French class as I need to pass it to graduate with my MBA. My major club involvement at INSEAD will be the High-Tech club and our Second Life conferences, but again I hope to be more involved after the exams.
Math and finance whizzes may find this period a breeze, but I and some others are taking this quite seriously. I know things will get better next period onwards, but for now I’m trying to keep my chin up so that my nose can stick to the grindstone.
* Declaration: Just in case you see me in town on Monday and think I’m being naughty – I’m popping by after school to see some overseas friends for dinner then going straight home to work. Assignnment deadline is the morning after!!