Starting backwards

Today’s sermon was the last in the series on [Ecclesiastes]( It’s a sobering book which can sound pretty depressing, summed up by the phrase “Everything is meaningless!”.
This tone of despair sounds strange as it comes from King Solomon, who you’d imagine was the smartest, richest King of Israel. He realised all his accomplishments would come to nothing in the end. However, as our guest speaker Rev Doctor John Benson (former St George’s vicar) noted, it all makes sense at the end as it reminds us that these things *are* meaningless… without God.
Rev Benson had some good take-home points. He mentioned Stephen Covey (author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) who encourages us to begin with the end in mind. When we die, how would we like our eulogy to be made – by family, friends, colleagues, community? What legacy would we like to leave behind?
For us believers, he added a 5th person – God. Because the first 4 types of people may not know all the terrible things we’ve done, and even if they did, they wouldn’t say it at our funeral. But God would know everything.
So how would we re-prioritise our lives, based on these 4+1 people?