Playing the stock market

The observant reader may notice that I’ve added a Blogshares logo to my website. This was to confirm that I am indeed the owner of (not like anybody else would want to claim it, but, well…). I discovered, after reading :-)”>Andrea’s post, that I too have been included in the index as of March 2003.
I’m more amused with this new stock market than anything else – seeing how my valuation isn’t exactly going to make me go IPO any time soon. Pundits, be warned!
From what I gather, works by calculating the value of incoming links. There are a few bugs, though:
Only links from home pages are indexed.
Only sites that ping will be included in the indexing.
Well, whatever. I’ve been having fun playing Oanda’s real-time Forex game. I unintentionally made a huge profit on September 11 a few years ago, but that was a most unfortunate fluke.