La française

Je m’appelle Vanessa. Je suis étudiante a l’Alliance Française.
Je voudrais améliorer mon Français.
Il estC’est vingt-trois heures est je suis fatigue.
That’s about all I can recall / figure out at the moment.
I first studied French at Alliance Francaise in 1997 while waiting for my A-level results. I completed two levels, Elementary 1 and 2. Did fairly well at the test. Recently I decided to learn French again, took a placement test, didn’t know much of what was going on but just picked what looked right. Turns out I had about half correct! How lucky was that. So I was placed in the Elementary 3 class.
I went to the school to book my classes and asked if I could start off at a lower level to brush up what I learnt 10 years ago. The new receptionist mixed up her records and assured me that this week a new Elementary 1 course would be starting. So I signed up. Several days later someone else from the school called, saying that I had been booked for Elementary 3 instead.
So I’m here, a stranger in this class where the students have already bonded for 2 terms. I’m doing my best to recall what I’ve learnt. I still remember some basics but my vocabulary is nearly forgotten. There’s another new girl but she learnt French 5 years ago and qualified to enter Elementary 4 instead of 3 so she’s definitely better at it than me.
It looks like I’m possibly the weakest in class. But my professeur said to give it 2 days and see how it goes. If I have problems I can go for private lessons instead. But it’s much more expensive.
Ah, the things I have to do for a better future…