Discovering my roots in Southern China

I will be in Southern China (Guangzhou and Xiamen) from 5-14 Jan. The first leg of the visit is with my mum and her relatives, as we tour Guangzhou where her ancestors came from.
My dad and sis will join us for the second leg of the visit to Xiamen where we will visit our ancestral village. We will be guided by one of Dick Lee’s brothers who is a trained Chinese historian. It turns out our families are related, having shared a common ancestor 16 generations ago. How exciting!
I’m finishing up my packing even as I type this post. Man, I wish things could automatically sort themselves into my bag so I can get some sleep!
As with my Tuscan trip, I am not sure if I will get regular Internet access to update this blog, so keep an eye on my Twitter posts instead.


  1. walter

    Nice way to rediscover your heritage, by paying homage to your ancestors. Do blog about it and submit to can? I remembered that my cousins and auntie visited their home town back in Swatow (also in Guangzhou) and it was quite interesting to see how their current relatives there are so different from what they are now.

  2. Yun

    Hey, what a coincidence! Jess and I were just talking about a similar trip, on Vox (Nov 2007). I may be flying to Xiamen too, sometime next month.

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